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27 September 2019

On 20 September 2019 professor Betty de Hart’s inaugural lecture took place, titled: ‘Some Cursory Remarks on Race, Mixture and Law by three Dutch jurists.’

De Hart’s lecture addresses the question how race-thinking was part of the Dutch legal system and legal scholarship as a way to explore the ‘legal archive’. It discusses the legal work on race and mixture of three Dutch jurists: L.W.C. van den Berg (1845-1927), a colonial legislator who wrote the Mixed Marriages Act for the Dutch East Indies; W.F. Wertheim (1907-1998), professor in colonial law, who later distanced himself from the Dutch colonial system of which he had been part, and H. de Bie (1879-1955) who, as the first children’s judge in Rotterdam, worried about Dutch girls and their intimate relationships with Chinese men. This study argues that understanding our legal past (the ‘legal archive’) is crucial to further our knowledge about how race and mixture work in law today, and that such knowledge is vital for social justice.

The full text is available here. 

The Dutch article is available here: NJB Essay

The lecture was taped and is available to watch:

22 October 2018

Euromix PhD researcher Nawal Mustafa will participate in a panel discussion entitled Entanglements of Race Religion and Secularism on 22 October at 20.00. This event is hosted by the Race, Religion and Secularism Network (RRSN). More information is available on the RRSN website. Click here to register.



5 September 2018

Het recht is niet kleurenblind, Migratie-experts aan het woord: #3 Betty de Hart –The law is not colourblind: Migration experts speak: #3 Betty de Hart

An interview by Jessica Maas of with Betty de Hart over the  Euromix project and the history of regulations of mixed relationships in Europe. Read the full interview here.